International Women’s Day at Humpty Bumpty

It’s no secret that without women Humpty Bumpty would not exist, which is why we celebrate women’s day every day of the week and not just on March 8th!

Our mission at Humpty Bumpty is to make women feel as comfortable as possible. We understand the changes your body goes through during your pregnancy and we want to ensure you embrace it! That’s why we offer you that special bonding time with your unborn baby that you wouldn’t get during your 2D scan.

Our 3D and 4D scans makes you forget about the swollen ankles, the cravings and the backache and focus on the little bundle of joy that makes this all worthwhile!

To show our thanks to all the mums and mums-to-be out there, we are offering a special International Women’s Day discount on all our scanning packages for bookings made this week.

To receive this 25% discount just enter IWD2016 at the checkout!

You can read all about the Humpty Bumpty experience before booking here or you can go straight to our Bookings page.